The official ladder website which this site is based on has stopped updating on January 4th, 2017 and has been removed from the internet two days later (see link).
This site is therefore unable to display up-to-date information. Below is the last update as retrieved early (UTC) on January 4th, 2017.

— Janni (Herd U Liek Mesmerz)

Guild Wars Ladder

With the relaunch of the official Guild Wars website, you can only get the names of the Top 20 guilds, but the stats for every guild whose name you know. Therefore, if we maintain a list of guild names, we can reconstruct the ladder.

Everyone can help! Just enter your guild name and the names of new guilds you face below. The name is case-insensitive, but please don’t enter the tag. Because of frequent manipulation, guilds must be approved to be displayed with default settings.

RankNameRatingWinsLossesWin%QPLast Game
01+9Moon Hawks [MooN]1679+68739+13495+160%0<48h ago
02+9Battle Them [bT]1673+67766+13493+161%0<48h ago
03−2Even Edel Said Valium [oink]1658−14743525+259%0<48h ago
04−2Vikings Fighters [Vk]1652−14663421+261%0<48h ago
05−2Swallow Your Pride [HxC]1645−16698462+260%0<48h ago
06−2Gorgeous Nightmare [gN]1645−14633401+261%0<48h ago
07−2Addictive Playazz [aP]1631−14796523+260%0<48h ago
08−2Real Public Enemies [No了]1623−13566+1334+263%0<48h ago
09−2We Love To Entertain You [pro子]1615−13728+1490+260%0<48h ago
010−1You Will Never Forget [MLM]1609−8629+6415+260%0<48h ago
011−3Old School Playerz [OsP]1608−13649+2385+263%0<48h ago
012Team Electronic [tE]152955019574%242016-12-31
013Intense S M [SM]1417881189%02016-11-17
014Life Is Painfull [BDSM]140579594%02016-11-15
015Eat My Big Dotdotdot [PD]1401942380%02016-11-25
017쇼 E I N S 쇼 [eins]139086280352%02016-12-31
018쇼 S E C H S 쇼 [secs]138786679752%02016-12-31
019쇼 F U E N F 쇼 [funf]137486479952%02016-12-31
020Charr Siege Investigation [CSI]136960987%02016-11-01
021X I X V X I V X I V X I V [REQ]1366994270%02016-12-05
022쇼 D R E I 쇼 [drei]136186979852%02016-12-31
023쇼 Z W E I 쇼 [zwei]135486479652%02016-12-31
024쇼 V I E R 쇼 [vier]135486280352%02016-12-31
025Epidemic Death [TRiP]1338110992%02016-12-11
126Your Goldcape Teachers [LaG]133639589%02016-11-04
227Out Of Everyones League [LaG]1335621284%72016-12-19
328World Of Throws [WoT]1334571777%82017-01-01
429−1Please Enjoy Game [ヅ・ヅ]1319401178%02016-12-17
431−1Flame Wars Zwei [KuTT]130630122557%02017-01-01
432−1Amateur Honor [code]13051012680%52016-12-18
433−1Flame Wars Eins [KuTT]129931122758%02017-01-01
434−1Flame Wars Sechs [KuTT]129229622856%02017-01-01
436−2Flame Wars Fuenf [KuTT]128529823056%02017-01-01
438−3Flame Wars Vier [KuTT]127829722757%02017-01-01
439−3Clan Wars [CW]12751449161%02016-12-31
440−2Flame Wars Drei [KuTT]127130222557%02017-01-01
442−3Troll Machine [TM]12681459261%02016-12-31
443+1Legendary Belgium [Be]1263+14252+5205+155%0<48h ago
544−4The Last Revolution [LR]12632437776%02016-10-15
545−4Ultimate War Machine [WM]12601389260%02016-12-31
546−4Beyond All Doubt [bAd]12521429460%02016-12-31
548−3Ultimate Gank Championship [UGC]12481439560%02016-12-31
549−3Albert Walner Fanclub 트 [느it트]12481043177%282016-12-31
550−2The Hateful Eight [THE]1242613067%62016-12-18
551−2Shaolin Troll Monk [KO]12411449361%02016-12-31
653−2出empire [USA]12321214971%02016-12-06
765−2Owl Face [OvO]1212861982%02016-12-17
766−2Harder Better Stronger [hS]1211671582%02016-11-25
868−2Guardians Of The Deep Sea [SEA]1207612273%02016-11-23
873−2Transporter Kotwic [tK]11951988071%02016-10-25
877−2B으rn T 으 1337 [느트트T]117314511755%02017-01-01
878+4Fancy Lads Of Pimping Society [FAPS]1173+10127+3163+344%0<48h ago
980−4D E U T S C H L A N D [GER]117219773%02016-11-19
1081−4Zero Quality [zQ]11711996476%02016-11-19
1082−3느트트오 르ki느느 Z [츠츠]116714011455%02017-01-01
1184−3Violent Thunder Squirrels [SqrL]116411379%02016-12-17
1187−9Team Bratapfel [BRAT]1162−84525+164%5<48h ago
1193−1Generation Of Saviors [EviL]1156+470+2135+234%0<48h ago
1194−4Zaishen Gladiators [zG]1153714462%02016-11-07
1196−3下uck了hew口rld [人大人]115113811854%02017-01-01
1197−3Amazoness Archer [Yuna]11511007059%02016-12-14
1198−25 츠 Synch 애 [느미W]115014311655%02017-01-01
1199−2Legendary Status O F F [ON]1147603563%02016-11-07
11100−124 I 7 Fu니니 Performance [츠o츠]114513911854%02017-01-01
12101−1Troll Wars Il [np]11441366468%02016-12-17
12102Sons Of Anarchys [vk]1143+4173+2201+146%0<48h ago
12103−2Like Warm Apple [ァェョ]1142+257+2111+434%0<48h ago
12107−4Exalted With Mcdonalds [Oops]113934+136+149%0<48h ago
12111−2If You Build It They Will Cry [ekoc]1133765160%02016-11-07
12112−2Clown Squadron [cS]1132145+1207+141%0<48h ago
12117−1트 I N M A R S C H [느트느]112414612055%02017-01-01
12119−2Observe Us In High Quality [HQ]1123−162+1102+238%0<48h ago
12121+14The Trash [Bin立]1123+1031+24939%0<48h ago
12123+6Rising Out Of Darkness [RooD]1122+637+17633%0<48h ago
12129−7Keep Calm And Hit Iddqd [LEET]112053+1104+134%0<48h ago
12136−5Bass Warriors [WuB]111416194%02016-12-29
13144−2Better Than [LaG]1111+514+212+154%14+6<48h ago
13156−7Smarte Maidens [Goku]11011023773%02016-12-19
13158−7This Is Not A Ticket [SHOP]11001949866%02016-10-15
13160−6Ap Warwick Toplane [wolf]1095412760%02016-12-23
13165−2Fast As A Ninja Turtle [WoOm]108816576%02016-12-31
13166−2Straight Outta Ascalon [PwA]1087130100%02016-11-13
13168+33Civil War [CW]1085+278+31+189%21+5<48h ago
13170−4Fratelli Italiani [ITA]1082645554%02016-11-18
14171−16I Get The Job [DoNe]1080−1485+164+357%0<48h ago
14173−6The New United Italians [UnIT]10791438363%02016-11-18
15177−6Split Team [Euro]107812860%02016-12-09
16181−6Ego Redibo Tu Nunquam [ErtN]1073392957%82016-12-22
16187−6Distant Dreams [MLK]106916867%02016-12-23
16189−5Nem Esis [Nemo]106514478%02016-10-16
16190−5Put Em In The Dirt [fam]106590100%02016-11-01
17194−5Shrine Tower [rook]106321818754%02016-10-15
17198−5Wierd Story [wS]106214767%02016-12-23
17210−4Best Cho Gath [EuW]1054151060%02016-12-23
17214−4This Game Is Run By [Bots]1053211558%02016-12-22
18221−3Too Much Damage [DMG]1037262057%02016-12-17
18231−3Pikachu Luvs Electro [sRs]1026262650%02016-12-24
18232−3One Time Too Many [True]10242216109367%02016-10-31
19233−3Keyboard Gangsta [SupG]102435826657%02016-11-19
20236−3Its Now Or Never [Time]10216275%02016-12-03
20245−2Black Lives Matter [jk]101620100%02016-10-26
21262−1Saga Om En Saga Och Andra Sagor [swe]1006121055%02016-11-19
22264−1幽夢影 [雪語]1004111248%02016-11-25
22292−3Guardian Of The Lost [pd]993010%02016-10-26
23323−4Guild A Lucre N [two]9806843%02016-10-31
24333−5I Love Sin Split [sin]970201951%02016-12-02
25335−6Be My Guest [pug]96611569%02016-12-04
25337−5Say Goodnight [gN]9601035366%02016-12-11
26353−7Champions Of A Dead Game [chmp]944121152%02016-12-17
27355−8It Aint Much If It Aint [Flux]94222421951%02016-11-19
28359−5Endless Doom Greatest Endeavour [EDGE]9373684385549%42017-01-01
29372−19Basic Savage Fatality [cu]883−5561+163+449%0<48h ago
30383−8Verein Geistlose Hermeneutiker [Rudi]844409729%02016-10-29
31406−9Sekans Tiurf [MG]25421475%02016-11-09